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Carbon Capture with AI

Building Real World AI applications is not a joke, especially when you have to serve your customers reliably and consistently.

In this 4-part mini-series, Tarry will guide you through designing, developing, testing and finally deploying AI applications. Along with the LiveAI team the best practices, tools and techniques are shared, to help you gain confidence in building and deploying AI applications in production.

It’s one thing to have a few AI Models running in production, but it requires a a mature organization to run thousands of such systems in production.

To learn more about core fundamentals of AI, join our popular course AAIE: https://liveai.eu/aaie/

[1] AI based Industry Vertical Hive Projects: https://liveai.eu/hive-projects/
[2] More insights: https://liveai.eu/insights/
[3] Our instructors: https://liveai.eu/teachers/

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