Shoumik Goswami
LiveAI SchoolYard Mentor
About Shoumik

Consultant and Data Scientist by profession, Shoumik has been working with clients across the globe helping them transform their ideas and vision into working products. An IIM Ahmedabad alumni, Shoumik has 5+ years of enriching experience in the data industry where he has worked with companies like Standard and Poors and Fidelity International, and has built data products for clients. He currently works full time as a Senior Business Analyst with Fidelity International.Apart from his day job, Shoumik also works as Visiting ML Engineer with DeepKapha’s core researchers and heads Media and Partnerships for LiveAI. He also helps manage the LiveAI webinars which has received much appreciation from the community. Shoumik has been recognized for his dedication and hard work that he puts in every project. His ability to think and strategize has helped in timely execution of projects.

Shoumik believes data holds the key to solving every problem that mankind faces. He tries to impart his learning and experience to anyone who wishes to enter the world of data.
He holds mentorship positions with Springboard and Udacity for their data analytics courses. He is also a part of Springboard’s Mentor Advisory Board where he is building a cohesive environment where mentors and mentees can work together, learn and grow. He is also a part of Coursera’s Beta Tester community and occasionally reviews upcoming courses.
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