Dat Ngo
LiveAI SchoolYard TA
About Dat

Dat Ngo is a Senior Computer Science student at the University of Texas at Dallas, United States. For past 2 years, as a Research Assistant. he had conducted researches on Machine Learning in intersection of Neuroscience and Speech. 

Currently, he works full-time at Surfboard, a social-media startup and delivers Big Data and Machine Learning solutions to enhance data collection and Ads platforms for monetization. Also, Dat is a Visiting AI Researcher at Deepkapha and researches on Natural Language Processing for medical issues.

Dat is interested in pursuing PhD and in researching Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning to solve the shortage of labeled data and Language models. He is passionate in conducting workshops to help others start AI career early and easily. Also, he is a Teaching Assistant at LiveAI to prepare study materials and to provide study support to students.

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