Upskilling in a new economy

Upskilling in AI – Where will you be in 2024?

It’s 2024 The world has conquered Corona virus. “Covid19, what is that?” Many have even forgotten what that was! There were some initial challenges with the vaccinations in 2021 fall due to few unexplained deaths in Denmark but overall worked. Global economy is still reeling […]

Learning AI Visually with CNN Explainer

Georgia Tech University with Prof Polo and his team have been doing some awesome work with their visualization. Computer Vision is the driving force behind all image and object recognition tasks. But the fundamentals and math behind this can seem very daunting to non-experts. Watch […]

GPT3 : Rapid Prototyping for ML entrepreneurs

Join us with Sushant Kumar, ex IIT Bombay and an data driven entrepreneur who has built and exited a company succesfully. What you will learn. 1. Building and running startup: At a rather young age, gaining esperience of building and scaling a startup is commendable […]

Awesome Visualization with Data with Avesta Rastan

Understand best practices to improve the impact of your data and storytelling. Learn strategies, tools & processes to create effective data visualizations and successful presentations. Learn through hands-on experience from Avesta on how to tackle common pitfalls. Get to know more on her recent work […]