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Gain Relevant AI Skills and Experience Across Multiple Industry Domains

LiveAI offers the opportunity to:

What are HIVE Projects?

HIVE Projects are an integral part of all programs at LiveAI. These projects have been carefully chosen and designed by our industry domain experts and they aim to bring together industry experts and researchers on a single platform to guide and mentor LiveAI students and learners. This Applied AI experience combined with solid theoretical foundations will help you become an in-demand professional equipped with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills.


Check out some of the state of the art AI/ML projects across multiple industry domains that help to solve real-world problems. We keep on developing and adding new projects to our portfolio!

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Why HIVE Projects?

Countless students are holding online certifications, but only a few of them can apply their learning to solve real-world case studies and problems. Why? The traditional online programs are either too theoretical or do not provide the right industry guidance and skills that are sought by employers, leaving students filled with anxiety and confusion. Hive Projects bridges this gap by offering the learners the ability to apply their learning and concepts towards building a real-world based solution that they highlight to current and future employers communicating high skills and value!

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Integration with Applied AI Essentials and Other Programs

Hive Projects are not optional but rather an essential component to becoming LiveAI certified. Every student at LiveAI has to undergo such rigorous projects that test the in-depth knowledge and skills of our students to solve real-world problems. 

The focus of Hive Projects is to increase your critical thinking, creative acumen, and problem-solving skills while boosting confidence to approach similar case studies during interviews and other career advancement opportunities. 


Choose a HIVE Project


Design a work pipeline


Create your model


Train your model with our data


Deploy your model and show off your completed project!

Hands-on Experience

Work individually or in a group to solve the real-world problem statement and being involved in a range of activities: research, creating data pipelines, developing algorithms and finally deployment of your solution as a web application. Feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Our dedicated industry researchers and team members are there to guide you at every step ensuring you are well versed with the practical skills needed to research, plan, deploy and execute your own AI/ML solution.

Expert Guidance

Our researchers and team members have a reputation in the industry for having the right academic qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills that are leveraged by our students to both understand the subject and in deploying their solutions as a web application.

Here are some of our core team members:

Tarry Singh

CEO | Principal Instructor

Dr. Jie Mei

Instructor & Grader

Dr. Tannistha Maiti

Instructor & Grader

Dr. Dimitris Paraschakis

Instructor & Grader

Past Solutions

Have a look at what our current and former students have developed. Many of these students started with limited knowledge of AI/ML but with their dedication, support and adequate guidance, they were able to learn and execute with 100% success!


What are Hive Projects?
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