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How does LiveAI work?

LiveAI course is a blended learning course that has both components – recorded videos, guided notebooks and curated resources, along with live sessions and interactions with the instructors where they will teach concepts in a live class. Students also get interaction time with the instructors to clear doubts and queries. 

Each course runs as a cohort. After enrolling you will be provided with the details including the time and date of commencement.

The prerequisites vary from course to course as LiveAI offers courses from a beginner to advanced level. Please refer to the course curriculum to check the prerequisites

Students can simply buy the course from the LiveAI website. Each course takes in a specific number of students per cohort, so make sure you enroll into the course before the seats fill in. Additionally you can subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to date with new courses and cohort launch dates and discounts.

Each LiveAI course is different and addresses a specific section of the LiveAI learning path (pyramid link), please refer to the course curriculum or download the course brochure to find more information.

Each course is run as a cohort with limited seats. The cohorts are course specific, please refer to the course page for course specific timeline information.

Yes, all live sessions will be recorded and made available within the course. Students can access the live session contents as long as they have access to the course.

Simply head over to the specific course and enroll yourself in the course suited to your needs.

Each course runs as a cohort for a specific duration. Example – AAIE is a 5 week course and students are expected to complete the course within the cohort period. Every week during the course, we will unlock the pre-recorded course content. You can complete this at your own convenient times. We do recommend to keep up so that you can take the most benefits out of the live sessions. 

LiveAI courses are taught and guided by Deepkapha’s researchers who are the instructors of the course. Instructors host live teaching sessions every week with the students. These are similar to classroom sessions and may last between 1-2 hours. Additionally, students get interaction sessions with the instructors during the hive periods to discuss the projects.

The Hive projects are a part of LiveAI’s Hive Initiative which is aimed to bring together industry experts and researchers to guide and mentor students of LiveAI courses so that students learn Real AI and how to go about it. The initiative will focus on on-boarding researchers from universities with rich backgrounds and allow students to work with them on mini-capstone projects at the end of each course

You will receive guidance and support from the Instructors and Skoolyard Mentors and Teaching assistants.After enrolling you will receive an invitation to our Slack channel where you will be able to post your questions (on course content) and communicate with our instructors and TA’s.

Yes, we believe networking is key and opens up a lot of opportunities in terms of learning and job opportunities. During the cohort students will be in group discussion sessions and slack communities where they can meet and network with fellow peers and inhouse researchers.

You have the entire cohort period to complete the course. During the course you will benefit most of our guidance and support. However, we do offer a maximum of 90 days extensions, in which you will have access to all course content.  Please reach out to contact@liveai.eu in case you require extension.

We recommend completing the AAEI course in 5 weeks as this is a fast paced course and we want you to complete the course in time with full guidance and support. However, we do offer a maximum of 90 days extensions, in which you will have access to all course content.  Please reach out to contact@liveai.eu   in case you require extension.

The account access will be lifetime.Course access will remain with the students for 90 days post cohort closing ceremony, where students can spend time going through the resources and optional content. Support won’t be available but students can always discuss with their alumni peers within the slack channels.

After completing the course, students will receive the completion certificate and alumni status for LiveAI. Top performers can also receive the opportunity to apply for DeepKapha core team. 

We will communicate the decisions on Top performers once the grading is complete and certificates are sent out. The top performers will be communicated individually and will go through a selection process and if they manage to pass, they will be given an opportunity to join the DK team. We do not have a set criteria to judge the top performers, this will be based on instructor reviews and level of innovation and enthusiasm displayed in all assignments, especially the hive projects.

Some preview content will be available once you sign up for the course, however the actual content will be made available on a weekly basis. 

Capstone projects are the final projects for each course where students will be working in groups guided by the instructors. Please check out our hive initiative to learn more.

We accept the most accepted forms of payment from credit/debit cards to Paypal. 

We are here for you! During the course we have different support components such as instructors and SkoolYard TAs and Mentors. You will be able to post your questions on private Slack channels and during live sessions.  Additionally, you can reach out to contact@liveai.eu for specific queries.

Each of our courses are part of our system that will guide you to become a proficient data scientist. For more information you can read more about this here: (link) Each course is meant for a specific experience level, our learning path will help you understand where you are and what is the next step that needs to be taken. Our courses help you build skills and the intuition you need to be successful in the AI world and also help you discover which domain of AI you are interested in. You may choose to build further expertise on your area of specialisation. 

Please visit https://liveai.eu/ for more details 


Each course has a specific cost, please refer to the course curriculum page for details.

You have to make the payment before the cohort starts. Each cohort has a fixed number of seats available, and your enrolment will be completed only after payment is complete.

Currently we do not offer payment in installments, but we are exploring this option for long term courses.

Currently we do not offer scholarships or financial aid but you may opt for a discount if you sign up early in the waitlist.

We offer discounts to students who sign up through the waitlist.

The receipt will be emailed to you post purchase confirmation.


Yes! We understand there might be personal reasons why you have to cancel your participation. We will gladly welcome you next time! You can get a refund if the following applies: 
– you ask a refund within 10 days after purchasing
– the course will not start within 14 days 
– you did not access, download all or part of the Online Course and/or started to  use that Online Course 

Note: There will be €20 administration charges.

For more information, see our Terms and Condition www.liveai.eu/privacy-and-terms

Please reach out to us at contact@liveai.eu stating the refund reason and your *customer / invoice / order *number

The refund will be assessed within 3 days by the LiveAI admin team.
On successful assessment, we will provide refunds in 7-10 business days. In some cases, the refunds might take longer due to processing delays from banking institutions. We recommended waiting 10 days before taking a follow up with us. 

Content Access

We recommend completing the AAEI course in 5 weeks as this is a fast paced course and we want you to complete the course in time with full guidance and support. However, we are also flexible in offering extensions on a case to case basis. Please reach out to contact@liveai.eu in case you require extension.

Yes you may use your local computer/machine to work on the projects, provided your system is equipped with the minimum requirements to run any Deep Learning model. Alternatively we recommend using Google Colab for hassle free work.

The content will be accessible for a limited time after the completion of the course. Please refer to our terms and conditions to understand the duration.

No, discounts will not impact the tenure or content of the course.

No, the resources available within the course are not free to share. Please refer to the terms and conditions for more details.

No, you are requested not to download the course content except for documents, datasets and assignments. Students will also be bound by a NDA contract to avoid public sharing of course content. 

Yes you may use your personal Google Colab on the projects. We detail out the process to access the data securely within the course.

Each course may offer different tools as per requirement. Please refer to the course curriculum for details. You will be able to use the tools as long as you have access to that particular course.


Yes, all courses will offer a certification.

The criterias to achieve the certification are completing the mandatory units of the course and passing all the assignments.

No, you are required to complete the mandatory units and assignments to be eligible for the certificate.

No, you are required to complete the mandatory units and assignments to be eligible for the certificate.

The certificates will be sent out once the assignments and projects are graded and reviewed. This may take 1-2 weeks post course completion. Certificates will be sent out to the students who have successfully passed the submissions.

No. The certification(s) are given by LiveAI and are indicators of successful completion of a course. Any change in the appearance of the certification is strictly restricted and not recommended. 


We recommend using Python 3.5+ for this course

Please reach out to any of the SkoolYard team or email us at contact@liveai.eu

We recommend using a Windows 10 or a MAC system with 8GB or more RAM if you want to work on the projects on your physical machine. We however recommend using Google Colab for all the assignments and projects for a hassle free experience.

You should not experience any performance issues as long as you ensure that you are using the latest version(s) of the following recommended browsers: 

– Google Chrome
– Safari
– Mozilla Firefox

We do not recommend using Internet Explorer as IE is no longer being supported by Microsoft. 

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