AI overhyped

Is Artificial Intelligence Overhyped?

Is Artificial Intelligence Overhyped? Artificial Intelligence, also commonly referred to as AI, is changing our world. In the few last years, its impact has been so disrupting that it is becoming the fourth industrial revolution: the first revolution saw the introduction of new manufacturing processes; […]

Knowledge Graph Dataset

Knowledge Graph and Graph Neural Networks

Introduction to Knowledge Graph and Graph Neural Networks with practical use case 1. Introduction: Knowledge graph represents a collection of interlinked descriptions of entities – objects, events, or concepts. Basically, it is a way of finding relationships within the data and storing it in a […]


AI in Geothermal Dataset

In today’s world major oil and gas companies have been scrambling to make the most ambitious climate commitments in the industry, planning a pivot to clean energy, talking about net-zero emission bills, solar, and wind. Renewable energy that is derived from natural processes and replenished […]

EarthAdaptNet for Seismic Imaging

Abstract Energy Industry frequently spends billions of dollars in acquiring seismic data for delineation of potential energy resources and that’s not the end of it. Post-survey comes the real challenge of processing the data worth 100s of GBs. This processing is equally expensive to that […]

Upskilling in a new economy

Upskilling in AI – Where will you be in 2024?

It’s 2024 The world has conquered Corona virus. “Covid19, what is that?” Many have even forgotten what that was! There were some initial challenges with the vaccinations in 2021 fall due to few unexplained deaths in Denmark but overall worked. Global economy is still reeling […]