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Basic Python

What You Will Learn

Course Description
The curriculum is spread across 5 weeks with 2 weeks dedicated to our HIVE Projects that focus on applying the knowledge and skills gained to real-world projects
  • Introduction
  • Foundations of AI – Tools to build your models
  • Knowledge check – Python basics
  • Live session by Tarry Singh – Welcome to the world of AI
  • Approaching real world ML/DL Problems
  • Getting data ready for your ML/DL Problems
  • Getting started with ML/DL libraries
  • Working on your first Machine Learning problem
  • Knowledge check – Python for the win-e!
  • Week 1 Weekend project
  • SQL Fundamentals [OPTIONAL]
  • Getting started with Github [OPTIONAL]
  • Resources
  • Welcome to week 2
  • Introduction to Statistics & Probability
  • Getting started with Regression models, Bias and Variance
  • Live session by Tannistha Maiti – Essentials of building an end-to-end
  • Machine Learning solution from scratch
  • Getting started with Classification models
  • Getting started with
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Introduction to web frameworks
  • Weekend project
  • Deploying web apps to web servers [OPTIONAL]
  • Introduction to Reinforcement Learning [OPTIONAL]
  • Resources
  • Introduction
  • Building your first Deep Learning model
  • Live session by Tarry Singh – Essentials of building an AI model
  • Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Knowledge Check – Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Convolutional Neural Networks – hands-on implementation
  • Knowledge check – Convolutional Neural Network Implementation
  • Introduction to Language Models
  • Knowledge Check –Recurrent Neural Network
  • Advanced language models
  • Knowledge Check – Language models
  • Week 3 Weekend project
  • Machine Learning Project Management [OPTIONAL]
  • Machine Learning Model Operationalization Management (MLOps) [OPTIONAL]
  • Resources
  • Welcome to week 4
  • Introduction to Hive Projects
  • Resources
  • Closing ceremony with LiveAI team

Our Hive Capstone projects are an integral part of all our training programs and have been carefully designed by our industry domain experts. They are aimed to bring together industry experts and researchers at one platform to guide and mentor learners of LiveAI. This applied AI experience will help you as a Data Scientist to succeed in the real world.

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The LiveAI Experience

Learn Industry Relevant Skills from Industry’s Best

We work and partner with renowned professionals and researchers in the field of AI/ML to deliver state of the art experience.

Team Support
Get Support from our dedicated team

Feeling stuck or not confident? Don’t worry, we have a dedicated team to guide you at every step to ensure your doubts are clarified, so that you are able to successfully complete the program

Work on Real World Projects that provide you with Real World Experience

Our HIVE Projects are real world projects that provide you with an opportunity to apply what you have learnt therefore giving you the confidence in your skills

Network with Peers and LiveAI team

Share ideas, discuss your perspective, and network with professionals therefore improving your career prospects.

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We recommend that you follow the schedule to complete the course in the 5 weeks timeline for an optimal learning experience. However, if you are unable to do so, you will still get 90 days after the cohort to complete the course at your own pace.

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