Python 3
Basic Machine Learning libraries
Math fundamentals

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Guided notebooks
Sample code with explanations
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Proprietary data for real-world projects

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Course Description
The curriculum is spread across 5 modules with 2 modules dedicated to our HIVE Projects that focus on applying the knowledge and skills gained to real-world projects
Welcome to AAIE-Seld Paced
Course Overview
What’s in it for you
LiveAI Learning path
Course Logistics
Foundations of AI – Tools to build your models
Welcome to the world of AI – Tarry Singh [RECORDED]
Knowledge check -Python basics [SP]
Approaching real world ML/DL Problems
Getting data ready for your ML/DL Problems
Getting started with ML/DL libraries
Working on your first Machine Learning problem
Knowledge check -Python for the win-e! [SP]
Module 1 Graded project [SP]
SQL Fundamentals [BONUS CONTENT]
Getting started with Github [BONUS CONTENT]
Introduction to Machine Learning
Introduction to Statistics & Probability
Getting started with Regression models, Bias and Variance
Essentials of building an end-to-end Machine Learning solution from scratch – By Tarry Singh [RECORDED]
Knowledge check -Bias, Variance and Machine Learning
Getting started with Classification models
Getting started with Unsupervised learning
Knowledge check -Supervised and Unsupervised
Introduction to web frameworks
Module 2 Graded project [SP]
Deploying web apps to web servers [BONUS CONTENT]
Introduction to Reinforcement Learning [BONUS CONTENT]
Building your first Deep Learning model
Essentials of building an AI model and Transfer Learning by Tarry Singh [RECORDED]
Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks
Knowledge Check -Convolutional Neural Networks
Convolutional Neural Networks – hands-on implementation
Knowledge check -Convolutional Neural Network Implementation
Introduction to Language Models
Knowledge Check -Recurrent Neural Network
Advanced language models
Knowledge Check -Language models
Module 3 Graded Project [SP]
Machine Learning Project Management [BONUS CONTENT]
Machine Learning Model Operationalization Management (MLOps) [BONUS CONTENT]
Introduction to Hive Projects
Choosing your Hive project
HIVE Statement of Work
Apply for completion

Our Hive Capstone projects are an integral part of all our training programs and have been carefully designed by our industry domain experts. They are aimed to bring together industry experts and researchers at one platform to guide and mentor learners of LiveAI. This applied AI experience will help you as a Data Scientist to succeed in the real world.

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Our dedicated and qualified team is available round the clock to help you in Q&A sessions with office hours, "Ask Me Anything" sessions, LIVE support for your queries and much more. Whatever it is, we are one click away! Also build and leverage a professional network that will help you stay motivated towards career goals.

Learn At Your Pace and Convenience

With a course that gives you the flexibility to start, pause and end the course at your own convenience, you can prioritize the schedule to suit your work and life commitments.

Work on Real World Projects

Hive Projects are LiveAI's market-relevant peer-based project experience in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. These graded projects provide an opportunity to apply learnings to build real-world working prototypes coupled with researchers' and industry professionals' guidance.

Earn Your Certification

On successful completion of the course, we will provide you with a LiveAI certification. LiveAI's certifications are a commitment to academia and industry towards developing capable and trustworthy AI/ML professionals.

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